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Summer Camp 3

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    Synthetic Biology is the evolution of biotechnology, catalyzed by the convergence of diverse disciplines such as Biological & Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science, and Bioethics & Public Policy, to name a few.
    Synthetic Biology is for the makers, the breakers, and the tinkerers. It is for those restless and curious souls who constantly question the world around them and dream about how they can shape it’s future.
    Synthetic Biology is for those that want to leverage the power of genetic engineering and modern biotechnology as a tool to innovate solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. It’s potential impact spans multiple industries, including Health, Food & Agriculture, Information Processing, Architecture & Design, Manufacturing, Defense, etc.
    How will you use Synthetic Biology?
Syn Bio Cell
Summer Camp 2
    Cell and Molecular Biology is at the core of Synthetic Biology because we must first understand the cell if we are to understand how to manipulate it.
    Our students will explore various fundamental biology concepts, including homeostasis & equilibrium, the central dogma of biology, and evolution by natural selection.
    Through this exploration, the students will gain an appreciation for the beauty & complexity of life, they will start to understand how to manipulate biology, and they will apply design thinking skills to develop synthetic biology solutions to real world issues.
During this two week summer camp, students will construct a genetic circuit that will allow the bacteria to express novel functions, such as fluorescence and odor. The students will then use these genetic constructs in an experiment they design in order to determine the functionality of the Ribosome Binding Site, one of the key components of a genetic circuit. The camp will conclude with a presentation of their experiment as well as a new synthetic biology solution for a global problem they have identified. Summer Camp
Concepts Covered:
– Central Dogma of Biology
– Homeostasis & Equilibrium
– Evolution by Natural Selection
– Fundamentals of Genetic Circuits
– Technical and Ethical Considerations
Techniques Taught:
– PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
– DNA Transformation
– Restriction Digest
– Ligation
– Electrophoresis
When Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm
August 1st- August 12th
Daily Schedule
Where 300 W. Main St. B101 (map)
Seats Maximum 8 students per class
Cost $950 Scholarship Assistance Application

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