Do you want to be at the forefront of the Biotech wave rippling through Charlottesville? We are looking for interns to help grow Open Bio Labs!

Apply for an Internship with Open Bio Labs

By working with Open Bio Labs, you’ll have a unique learning and growth opportunity not available to many people. You’ll get to learn how a business is built. You’ll become integrated into the biotechnology industry within Charlottesville and the State of Virginia. You’ll start to understand the local community with a high degree of granularity. You will be well prepared for jobs and internships at other biotech companies. You will be networking with Deans, CEOs, City and State representatives, etc. You will join a global network of DIY Bio labs. You will be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Internship positions will last from now until May. Exceptional interns will be offered a paid summer position with Open Bio Labs.

We are hiring interns for the following positions. Please contact or call us at 434-878-2366 for more info.

  • Community: Act as liaison between Open Bio Labs and the community by building, understanding, and maintaining relationships with different circles of interest.
  • Communications (internal and external): Promote the message and branding of Open Bio Labs throughout the community via various forms of media. Proficiency in graphic design preferred, including PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, HTML, & CSS.
  • Education: Assist in course development as well as the creation of safety guidelines and reference materials
  • Operations: Ensure the success of the organization through maintenance of finance and other necessities.
  • Business Development: Work on development and execution of strategy to facilitate growth, including solicitation of sponsorship and grants.
  • Equipment and Supplies: Grow the capacity of the lab through the acquisition of new equipment and supplies while maintaining current inventory.