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Synthetic biology as a resource for researchersSyn Bio Cell

Synthetic biology will revolutionize everything around us and the way we interact with the world. For the first time, we are able to convert nature into a toolbox of basic, modular building blocks that we can assemble in an unimaginable variety of ways to construct biological devices that degrade pesticides, filter water, and convert organic matter into fuel, among other applications. However, we are still at the infancy of this field; we haven’t even scratched the surface of Synthetic Biology’s potential and what it means for us and our world.

This workshop series introduces the concept of synthetic biology. Participants will leave with a certificate verifying their understanding of the current and future state of the field, the impact of the field in the world, and how to use synthetic biology to further their own research.


Course Schedule
Part 1: Foundations of Synthetic Biology
Participants will learn the fundamental concepts, ideas and research that synthetic biology is built from. Topics include the standardization of parts, creating a hierarchy of abstraction, building orthogonality into a system, and the design-build-test cycle.
Part 2: Research and commercial applications
We will ignite the creative spark by exploring many of the key projects that synthetic biological approaches have enabled, including the synthesis of Artimisinic Acid, the precursor to a powerful antimalarial drug developed by Jay Keasling.
Part 3: Genetically Modified Crops
Participants will learn what a genetically modified crop is, the proper way to consider the safety and risk profile of the modification, and test their own produce to test to see if it is genetically modified.
Part 4: Integrating synthetic biology into my research
This workshop will be a hackathon style format where the participants are instructed to outline the key topics in their research, identify ways synthetic biology can add value to their work, and make a list of grants and other funding mechanisms to enable their work with synthetic biology.

Cost $2000
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