Bring your group of students to Open Bio Labs for a field trip! We cater towards groups as small as 10 students and as large as 30 students.

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Exploration into Genetic Modification!

Through these three activities, students will start to understand what genetic modification is and why we need to do it.

  • No tolerance for Lactose Intolerance! Explore what lactose intolerance is, why some people have it, how they currently deal with it, and devise a synthetic biology device to combat it!
  • That’s my DNA?!  Following from the previous activity, students will learn the first step to create their synthetic biology device, which is working with the DNA, by extracting DNA from their own cells!
  • Let’s splice a DNA device!– Now that we have our DNA, students will learn what it actually means to cut and paste DNA at very precise locations to create genetic modifications!
Cost $20/student
Age 7-14

GM Crop Workshop

In this lab intensive course, students will learn what a genetically modified crop is, the proper way to consider the safety and risk profile of the modification, and actually be able to bring in their own produce to test to see if it is genetically modified!

Cost $30/student
Age 14-18

Cloning Class

In this lab intensive course, students will learn how to put DNA into a bacterial cell, which is the all important step to real genetic modification! They will then be able to take their new creations home and watch them grow!

Cost $30/student, 30 students max
Age 14-18

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