We need your help to keep Open Bio Labs open and accessible for everybody!

Make a tax-deductible donation at any time by clicking the donate button below.  Alternatively, you may make a check payable to Open Bio Labs and send it to 300 W. Main St. B101 Charlottesville VA, 22903. Especially for larger donations, we encourage you to pay by check to reduce the amount we pay in fees.

How much can you help?

  • $200 pays for the cost of our supplies for a week.
  • $500 sponsors a workshop for kids.
  • $1,000 covers our rent, utilities, internet, and lab waste for 2 weeks.
  • $5,000 funds our entire operation for a month!

There are several ways you can donate to us, including:

  • Lab Equipment — new or used- especially Pipettors and a Spectrophotometer! The more equipment we have, the more projects we’ll be able to support. Check out our wishlist!
  • General — office supplies, furniture, etc.
  • Volunteers — we have plenty of opportunities for you to help grow Open Bio Labs in the community!
  • Suggestions — how do you think we can improve?

We are a registered 501(c)3 so your donation is tax deductible now!
A few notes about donations:

  • If you’re curious what we need, see the publicly accessible wishlists. If you have something you think we need, or think we ought to be on the look out for something, add it to the Suggestions list.
  • If you’ve got equipment to donate, email equipment@OpenBioLabs.org to arrange for a pick-up.

What happens after I donate?

You will receive a letter acknowledging your donation, which you should use when filing your Federal income tax. For tips on claiming your donation as a tax deduction, click here.  Any equipment or office supplies donated are also eligible for tax deductions. Click here to log your donation.