Genetically Modified Mosquitoes and the War on Zika

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With all the recent media coverage about the Zika virus epidemic, it is surprisingly difficult to find a source that answers basic questions about the science surrounding the news. Thankfully, the folks at have created an excellent educational video that lays out the basic need-to-know information on Zika and the recent outbreak. Zika virus has been around, and widely … Read More

Hands-on Cloning Class was a success!


About fifteen people showed up to the class and we had a great time as we inserted the blue fluorescing gene into E. Coli. Thanks again to Indoor Biotech for donating their old lab space for us to do the class!

Synthetic Biology Lunch & Learn


Yesterday’s lunch and learn was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out, there were some great questions and we hope to see everyone at the cloning class! Attached are the slides from the presentation Shaun gave. DIY Synthetic Biology by Charlottesville Open Bio Labs

Partnerlab Bootcamp: Day 4

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As we near the end of our journey, we started to broach the theory and topics that will be covered through the biohack academy this fall.  Our topics included basic microbiology (whodathunk…), Optics, and BioArt. Mainly, today was a good overview of how to teach people the basic concepts and on what level we need to dive into.  It was … Read More

Partnerlab Bootcamp: Day 3

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Talk about a crash course. Today I got a taste of Arduino coding and circuits, 3D and 2D rendering, laser cutting, 3D printing, and all their associated software. To all my hackers and makers and coders out there, this is where I need your help the most! In a nutshell, here’s what I learned: Fritzig is a great circuit design … Read More

Partnerlab Bootcamp: Day 2

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Let’s take a bet- who thinks the US customs will let me board a plane with 10 different strains of organisms in my bag?  They’re harmless bacteria- some yeast isolated from beer, lactobacillus from yogurt, kambucha, spirulina (algae), slime mold, mycelium, and 4 bacteria that produce different colored pigments- and nothing online says I’m not allowed to, but unless any … Read More

Partnerlab Bootcamp: Day 1

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Today was a great first day! Although my plane came in a bit late, I arrived just in time for lunch. Pieter, the Biohack Academy leader, greeted me warmly and walked me through everything I missed, which was mostly just intros, administrative mumbo jumbo, and the logistics for the week. We then took a tour around the facility, which includes … Read More

On my way to Amsterdam!

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Hey all! This is my first (very brief) blog post as I sit in the airport, about to board the plane to Amsterdam! In less than 12 hours (time change included) I will be fully immersed in a bootcamp that will teach me how to be a coordinator for a biohack academy that I can bring to Charlottesville! I will go … Read More