In partnership with the Waag institute for art, science, & technology, Open Bio Labs will be hosting a BioHack Academy(BHA) in Charlottesville for local participants.

Starting on Tuesday, October 6th, the BioHack Academy is a 10 week program where each week we build a piece of equipment and conduct a wet lab experiment. With the BioHacker Academy, we are essentially inviting you to help us build our lab. We have guidelines provided from the original Amsterdam BioHack Academy, but the onus will largely be on us to progress through the material as we see fit. This is not a lecture style where we stand in front of you and tell you how to do things. This is a very hands on style where we are presented problems and we all work together to solve them. It will very much so be a learning experience for all of us together!

You will learn many skills, including but not limited to:

  • Electronics and Circuitry
  • Arduino programming
  • 3D modelling
  • Proper laboratory techniques and procedures
  • Experimental design
  • Basic microbiology

The Academy starts with a field trip to BioLogik in Norfolk on Tuesday, October 6th to hear Karen Ingram, Author of BioBuilder, speak. ( Check out the Facebook event here)

Please download the PDF below for more details and contact us at if you have any questions.  Additionally, if you are interested in participating but cannot afford the academy please contact us and we will work it out.

Download BioHack Academy Brochure When Begins October 6, 2015 Monday and Tuesday Evenings
Where 300 W. Main Street, B101
Apply for the BioHack Academy Seats Max 15
Cost $650

“Biohackers work alone. We work in groups, in big cities and in small villages. We reverse engineer lab equipment. We genetically engineer bacteria. We hack hardware, software, wetware, and, of course, the code of life. We like to build things. Then we like to take things apart. We make things grow. We make things glow. And we make cells dance.”- Biologist and Biohacker, Ellen Jorgensen lab setup