Meet Our Team


Shaun Moshasha


Executive Director

Shaun Moshasha is crazy and eccentric. His interests are as diverse as life itself, however four main passions have percolated to the top of his list: biotechnology, education, entrepreneurship, and gamification. Discontent with settling for only one of his passions, Shaun has managed to merge the four together into what is now known as Open Bio Labs. He will never settle for the mundane, never be satisfied by the mediocre. If you want to be ordinary, then turn away now. But if you want to explore the furthest reaches of the micro and macrocosms, if you want to create the unimaginable, and if you want to shape the future of our world, let’s ride together and never look back.

Jennifer Terrasi

Director of Operations

Jennifer Terrasi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and has worked in an array of positions in the laboratory and research field. During her tenure at Massachusetts General Hospital, she worked as a Medical Technician on Diabetes Research, Chemistry, Toxicology, and Thyroid/Endocrine panels for clinical and research patients, before working at Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics. Jennifer is finishing her Masters Degree in Science in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University. Education has become a real passion for Jennifer. She has volunteered within the public school system, taught religious education, taught and started a Destination Imagination chapter and led a girl scout troop. She homeschools two of her children and is also on the board of the Youth Orchestra of Central Virginia dealing mostly with community relations. If she finds free time, she spends her time gardening, reading, and enjoying quality time with her two children and husband.

Kiki Flaig

Director of Communications