Partnerlab Bootcamp: Day 4

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As we near the end of our journey, we started to broach the theory and topics that will be covered through the biohack academy this fall.  Our topics included basic microbiology (whodathunk…), Optics, and BioArt.


The readout from the DIY Spectrometer. It’s pretty good considering it only cost about $50 to make!

Mainly, today was a good overview of how to teach people the basic concepts and on what level we need to dive into.  It was also a great reminder of concepts that I need to review myself, such as optics and spectrometry (we will be building both a microscope and a spectrometer). Lastly, we spent some time hearing about cool projects from other labs and brainstorming cool project ideas that we can do in our own lab! A couple examples include:

  • Determining bacterial growth conditions under G-force (growing bacteria in a centrifuge).
  • We can use eggs as bioreactors! (Apparently that’s how they make the flu vaccine!)
  • There is a new kickstarter project called BeerDeCoded: the 1000 beer genome, in which they sequence the genome of the yeast, the hops, and the grains from a bunch of different beers. We can think of projects like this ourselves!
  • There is the Errorarium, which houses zebra fish that were injected with Algae.
  • The Center of Post Natural History is a repository of organisms that have been modified through selective breeding or genetic engineering.
  • Next Nature is an awesome organization that thinks about the evolving role of technology as it relates to nature.
  • Hackteria is a community platform that encourages the collaboration of scientists, hackers and artists in the pursuit of biohacking!

I’ve also just received and uploaded on the google folder all the presentations (and other documents) we’ve went through this week for you to peruse!

As always, please get in touch with me via or if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or you just want to chat!


Au Revoir!