On my way to Amsterdam!

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Hey all!

This is my first (very brief) blog post as I sit in the airport, about to board the plane to Amsterdam! In less than 12 hours (time change included) I will be fully immersed in a bootcamp that will teach me how to be a coordinator for a biohack academy that I can bring to Charlottesville!

I will go through several hands on activities, help redesign the curriculum, understand organizational and logistical matters, including where to source materials, how to develop proper documentation, learn best practices for mentoring, recruiting, marketing, etc.  Most importantly, I will be developing relationships with other partner labs around the world!

Keep up with my progress through this daily blog and be sure to reach out to me at info@openbiolabs.org!

Be sure to look at our Google Folder for all the documents I will be composing and collecting!


Take care and happy hacking!






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